Workshop testimonials continued:

"It was well facilitated and well-organized. We covered a lot in a short amount of time."

"This was definitely a good and profitable use of my time--a good investment."

"It was nice to meet everyone face-to-face, who you'll be working with, in an informal setting."

"Identifying and addressing the project issues was very valuable; also, having the decisions and comments captured for future reference."

"Having the Partnering workshop before our pre-construction conference helped everything go smoother--we covered a lot of the potentially contentious issues during Partnering."

"My team really got a lot out of understanding different communication styles."

"This workshop set the stage for future communications."

"I liked the discussion of expectations and accountability within the team."

"I now understand the forces that impact the other players."

"I feel more comfortable knowing that everyone is committed to the same goals."