The emergence of coaching as an intervention for performance enhancement grew out of the change in corporate training and organizational development in the early 1990's. Research indicated that off-the-shelf solutions to organizational learning did not have the desired effect. A new approach of performance consulting emerged that redefined the role of training and OD professionals as problem solvers who studied real organizational learning needs and crafted custom solutions. It was found that these targeted solutions were often best implemented in the one-on-one learning relationship of coaching.

REMEMBER - Coaching is not an event, but a PROCESS!
Coaching has several characteristics that give it unique value as a leadership learning tool.
  • It is highly individualized to the specific needs of the Learner.
  • It occurs over time and is a learning process, not a learning event.
  • The structure of coaching allows for flexibility to meet changing needs.
  • The one-on-one relationship fosters accountability to the learning process and improves outcomes.
A coaching experience is often built around a specific need in development that exists for the Learner. The coaching program can be developed out of a personal or 360-degree feedback assessment which gives the Learner input from those with whom he/she works and offers a comparison to the Learner's own perspective.

As your coach, I will assist you (the Learner) in reviewing the assessment output report, to determine priorities and relevancies, and to build a leadership development plan to address your needs and personal and organizational goals.

In the context of a regular schedule of meetings, I will help to hold you accountable and to process your efforts to perform to the goals of the plan. Personal rapport, candid feedback, and collaborative problem solving will combine to create an environment where you stretch beyond current limitations to become a higher functioning, higher contributing member of your organization, as well as have growth in personal development and other personal relationships.


Based on your personal goals I will utilize an individual or 360-degree assessment to help focus in on specific areas to learn and improve your leadership or personal effectiveness. The 360-degree assessment instruments are normally completed on-line and are anonymous. The report will look at the self-assessment compared to his or her assessor's perceptions. Together, the Leaner and I will develop a path forward. The base-line report can also be used to help measure your progress.

Many of these assessments will include an individualized report to help guide you and me (your coach) to specific changes, enhancements, or improvements.
  • Leadership Values Assessment (360-degree instrument - developed by Mr. Richard Barrett, Cultural Transformation Tools)
  • Key Competencies for High Performance Leaders (360-degree instrument - developed by Dr. Edmond Bazerghi, Center for Executive Assessment)
  • Leadership Practices Inventory (360-degree instrument, developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner)
  • Individual Values Assessment (personal assessment instrument - developed by Mr. Richard Barrett, Cultural Transformation Tools)
  • The Ethical Type Indicator (personal assessment instrument - developed by Louie Larimer, The Larimer Center for Ethical Leadership)
  • Dealing with Conflict (360-degree instrument - developed by Alexander Hiam)